1) I had a dream that Julian Barratt was dating Alison Brie and I was furious.

2) Created an email folder called "High Praise". Nothing to see here. Keep moving, ladies and gentlemen.

3) Learned the very hardest way that you must tag your violence in fics.
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Mystery religious conversions

Found out from my almost SIL that a cousin of A's got baptized for no reason??? Or none that we can tell. Not born-again Christian or anything - that wouldn't work because he's gay - but Anglican, apparently. Do people convert to Anglicanism? Like, is that a thing? I feel like Anglicanism would be pretty chill and essentially say, you know, no biggie, just start showing up sometimes and it'll be good. The only thing we do know about it is that her is doing it for his boyfriend, who is French Canadian, so likely therefore did not start Anglican. So...I don't know, no one gets it. And since that family is crazily withholding and there are decades-long feuds over nothing, complete with heads being cut out of family snapshots, we're not likely to learn anything else for about a thousand years.

I find the whole love-motivated religious conversion thing extremely dubious. If religions were serious about flock cohesion, I suspect that they would want quality more than quantity, i.e. not people who are changing to their partner's religion because the other insists. Like when my aunt, my ostensibly feminist aunt, converted to Lutheranism, vowed to "obey" her husband out loud, in front of actual people with ears, and then started tutting at us when we drop the occasional "fuck". REALLY? I have nothing against religion or faith or belief as long as you come by it honestly. The obeying and disapproval were short-lived, at least, and we're back to relative normalcy.

I NEED to know about this baptism...
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Pet stress

I hate it when there's something wrong with the dog and we can't figure out what the problem is. It makes me absolutely frantic. In the last hour or so, she seems really uncomfortable, can't settle down, fretting over some feeling or sensation that she can't shake. And I'm stood by, going, "What? What???" as if she's going to answer. So I did everything I could: took her out, cleaned her ears, checked her mouth, eyes, paws. But she still won't just lie down. Eventually, I had to walk away and leave her with A because I can't bear the feeling of her unarticulated discomfort; it makes me want to peel my skin off. I'm supposed to be writing a fic, but all I can think about is the restless middle-aged pug in the next room. I'm going to give it a try anyway, for distraction's sake. 
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Send help

I am obsessed with this:


It's the "Bite him peper" line. I don't know why, but I just can't.

The Parliamentarians are looking pretty scruffy and their dog, "pudel", is a lion, which is problematic.


Current WIP: Nevertheless, Chapter 1

Here's a bit of my current WIP, a Victorian semi-romance called (for now) "Nevertheless". It's RPF, but you only find that out later. Please comment if you feel so inclined. I loathe the title and will change it as soon as I think of something suitable.

London, 1859

In her desperation, Cressida makes a vow: if Mrs. Morrow shrieks like that again, she will have to do something.

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Lil' steps

Taking my first steps into the fandom and fic universe and I'm having to look up every other word on Urban Dictionary like an old person and it's very sad. Just filling out my beta form for yuletide was a humbling experience that really eroded my sense of my own street cred, but it seems worth it from the glimpses I've gotten of how (generally) welcoming and supportive the fandom communities are. We'll see.

An unsettling trend is emerging from the entitled horde at work. Here is my desk:
Work Desk
You'll notice a glass panel behind my chair. Well. Some of the less human patrons have decided to get my attention by banging ON THE GLASS BEHIND MY HEAD and then attempting to ask me questions (invariably about the photocopier) in mime though the partition. The. Fuck. I'm not even being nice about it when it happens because they don't deserve it, raised as they were by barnyard animals (actually, I quite like those) raised as they were by dysentery amoebas. I just glare until they come around the glass and we can pretend they didn't just act like I was a monkey at the zoo.

More tomorrow: got some serious and unacceptable lurking to do now.
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