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Yuletide 2014 Letter

Dear Yuletide author,

I already know that you are kind and talented and that you have such good taste, so good job on all of those things! Thanks for taking the time to read my additional information, which I promise to keep concise and coherent.

First off, thank you for writing for me. Know that it is much appreciated and, I know everyone says this but in this case it’s also true, that I will almost certainly end up pleased as punch by and grateful for anything you come up with, provided you try to avoid my explicit dislikes. I’m not very particular about setting or specific prompts or even rating, but I’ll try to provide some not outlandish suggestions below.

Likes: day-in-the-life stuff, missing scenes, UST, UST, and did I mention UST? UST that gets resolved is always best so that everyone who got all worked up (characters and me) get to kick back a bit in the end. Also, characters with flat affect or who present really sardonically but are all soft inside, grumpy protags, especially if the other one isn’t…you know, basically some dynamics so that they actually resemble the canon characters a bit. Realistic dialogue that’s also germane to the fandom always works on me, particularly if it’s funny or a bit devastating. I’m a big fan of humour in fic, but don’t force it if you don’t feel comfortable or it doesn’t fit whatever you’ve thought up.

I have a bit of a thing for (face)shaving and care way too much about armpit hair. Dub con is okay with the caveat that it must only be dubious because they are unsure if the other person’s into it at first, but guess what, of course they are. A character can start out desperately uncertain and then gain confidence as the con gets less dub. If that doesn’t make sense and it may well not, feel free to anon me. As to rating, G to NC-17 are all good, but with the exception of Nicola Samorì’s art, I do ship these people, so I would prefer for them to be, you know, together. It doesn’t have to be explicit, hints or implications are fine. If you want to write me domestic gen stuff, I’ll be very happy. If you want to pen a filthy, sprawling pornographic saga with long passages celebrating someone’s butt, I will also be very happy. I’m keen on plot, so please include a bit. Canon divergence (what could have been/what will be) is all well and good, but maybe not massive AU departures (space, high school, Greek mythology, etc.)

Dislikes: For these particular fandoms, I’d like to ask for no kink (a/b/o, knotting, vore, mpreg, necrophilia, etc.) except for what I’ve indicated above. Please no non con or under-16 sex. Otherwise, there are some things that I’m genuinely afraid of, like plane crashes and cockroaches, that I’d rather were not described in detail. Because it’s Yuletide and the characters in these fandoms are all a bit stupid sometimes and seem to relish my tears, please avoid crushing my spirit further with any irredeemable loss or major character death (unless it’s horror, an entirely different story). I’m fine with being sad, it’s part of why I love books and art and television and these particular people, but I would just beg for a light at the end of the tunnel if you decide to go that route. And last thing, please don’t disparage or bash any of the characters’ canon love interests if they’re in the way of the story you want to tell. Best leave them out entirely in that case. I promise I won’t complain.   

A Place of Greater Safety – Hilary Mantel (Camille Desmoulins/Danton and/or Camille Desmoulins/Lucille Desmoulins or Camille Desmoulins/Annette Duplessis, Maximilien Robespierre)

I am genuinely grateful to this book for humanizing the revolutionary leaders I’d long dismissed as villains and for giving me Camille, the bisexual, stuttering conscience of the Terror and love of my life. I mean it: I love how he stood on a table (or a chair) and made a speech that started the Revolution, how he stuttered except for when he got really carried away on a tide of strong emotions, how he would be outrageously provocative and couldn’t help himself one bit, how he married a girl to get at her mother, how he turned against the cause when he couldn’t live with it anymore, how he had sex with everybody all the time. I’m also especially fond of how everyone treats him like he’s a monster when he is anything but. In particular, the relationship between him and Danton fascinates me. Such easy friends and always the hint of much more. Danton protects him, calms him down, strokes his hair. It’s a lot and I live for it. Camille and Lucille surprising themselves a bit by falling in love. Camille and Annette. Camille and Annette. Oh god, Camille and Annette. I think I’ve just realized that this is the ship of my heart. AU in which Lucille doesn’t walk into the room? I’ve included Max because he was around, but I’m still a bit angry with him after all this time. His flustered reactions to Camille’s shenanigans are priceless. The Camille/Danton/Lucille dynamic is one way to go. Please no Annette/Lucille funny business.

As Meat Loves Salt – Maria McCann (Jacob Cullen/Christopher Ferris, Rebecca)

Now, these two…I want the good times between them and only the good times. The good times were so good. Remember? Cheapside and the candlelit house? Gently deceiving Aunt and having to ruffle up the sheets before Becs noticed that one of the beds had stayed empty overnight? THE MAP? Even the guarded love of New Jerusalem is admissible (until it isn’t anymore). I sort of feel like fluff isn’t really possible because of what both of them (but come on, mainly Jacob) are like, so let’s call them the relatively good times. I am in complete denial about anything else. Rebecca got nommed for her sass. She doesn’t need to be involved in any intimate activities; she can just be around, watchful and occasionally daring.

Nathan Barley (Dan Ashcroft/Jones)

All I ask is that the characters be recognizable as themselves and not just familiar names in a soap opera. Remember, this show was a comedy so unrelenting gloom seems a bit out of place. Can be before, during or after the show. Can also be before, during or after they realize that they are in love.

Nicola Samorì – Works* (VOLTANY 6 17, VOLTANY False Forest)

These two paintings leave me a bit baffled and uncomfortable and excited because I know they have about a thousand stories each in them. I won’t limit you with any strictures beyond imploring you to tell me what is going on here. They both seem like fables suspended in time. They haunt me. Write about one or the other or both. Have at it.


VOLTANY False Forest:

*For some reason, Yuletide has this listed as “Samorì Nicola – Works” and I only noticed after vetting closed. Oh well.

Okay, that's it.
Sorry I've gone on and on like that. Feel free to get in touch if you like. Thanks again and happy Yuletide!