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yuletide reveals + acquisitions

I wrote two treats this year for yuletide: Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death for deepdarkwaters and Broken Lovelorn on Your Rocks for sasha_b. I say 'this year', but really it's the first time I've done yuletide, and also the first time I've written fan fic in general. I mean, I write fairly often, but never to prompts or specifically in the hopes of making someone happy. Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death in particular made me quite apprehensive, as it was based on a book I had *just* finished, I had very little time to put it together, and I have never tried to write anything like paranormal before. And the lack of rules was daunting; I found myself thinking, "Wait, I can write anything?" and shutting down a bit as a result. That really is quite pathetic. Apparently, I need boundaries and structure like a toddler...

But everyone was pleased in the end. In fact, the response to my treats was better than best-case scenario: I took more than a few moments to bask in my comments...(mine, all MINE!) The amount of support and cheerleading I have benefitted from in the last few days is so much more than I could have possibly expected. In all honesty, I am moved. Slightly apprehensive about reveals, but who knows why or what that means; I gave up on trying to trace back my anxieties years ago. Really looking forward to doing it all over again next year and signing up in time to get a story of my own.

I also want to document these two awesome things I just bought, if only for posterity: the yellowest cardigan in the world and space invaders pyjamas bottoms. Bye Christmas money!

yellow cardi

space invaders pjs